Fringe pc game

This game was designed in college, during an course. I was responsible for creating the main strategy and scenery plus the UX and sprites. Unfortunately the code was never finished, so all I have are the designed levels. The illustrations were made by Cecilia Bonfim.

The concept was to create a game based on the TV Show Fringe. The idea was to the player switch “worlds” during the level so he could pass through the obstacles, just like in the show. Here are the sprites for the character and the concepts for the first three levels with the differences between the worlds (showed in blue, red and the aligned universe, grey.)


olivia pulo brilho buraco gosma

Level 1


fase1-azul fase1-red

Level 2


fase2-azul fase2-red fase2-cinza

Level 3


fase3-azul fase3-red fase3-cinza